Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Week4 Recap

Once again, I hit 3-3. Not exactly going to get myself a Cervelo P3 Carbon that way. I may have to be more aggressive with the picks this week.

To recap,
I won with Dallas, TEXAS TECH, and California. I lost with ASU (shouldn't have changed my mind), Cincinnati, and Kansas State. A major development for the week, however, was winning my SURETHING (Dallas).

So for the week: 3-3 overall; 1-0 SURETHING
And for the Season: 14-10 overall; 1-3 SURETHING

Be ready to experience big things in Week 5.


Blogger Pinky said...

Count me in this week - I plan on going head to head with you and smashing your 3-3 record!

BTW - what do i have to do?

8:05 PM


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