Friday, October 06, 2006

SixBits Six Picks - WEEK 5 PLUS Special Guest Picks

The pressure has been ratcheted up this week. This week we have our first person with the guts enough to be a guest picker. As I stated before, any Guest picker beating me will win a prize. Pinky is the first to step up - I guess she has a lot of time these days while she is hanging out on the couch. Or she thinks the prize is a new kitchen.

So without further ado, here are the picks!

SixBits Six Picks
texas a&m @ Kansas (1.5): For Dan Wachdorf and my a&m buddies at work (who brought me donuts last week), I will go with a&m.

Baylor @ Colorado (-5): You'd think that Colorado would have to win a game before being the favorite. Baylor is the choice.

LSU @ Florida (-1): Haven't seen either play but I sense Florida is overrated. LSU is the pick.

Oregon @ California (-5): California has been hot, hot, hot. Oregon has been hot, hot, lucky, hot. I'll take Cal at home.

Miami @ NewEngland (-9.5): NE stepped up big last week. I think this week they are on the down portion of their roller coaster. I'll take Miami.

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans (-6.5): I think NO will win big. TB has a rookie QB and all sorts of line problems. NO is the choice and this week's SixBit SURETHING.

Pinkys Picks
Dallas @ Philadelphia (-2): DALLAS
Baltimore @ Denver (-4): DENVER
Missouri @ Texas Tech (-5): TEXAS TECH
Tennesse @ Indianapolis (-18.5): INDIANAPOLIS
Washington @ NY Giants (-4.5): NY GIANTS
Michigan St. @ Michigan (-15): MICHIGAN


Blogger yo_mama said...

And things were going so well...

5:36 AM

Blogger LaughterThoughts said...

Hey, SB-- you're slackin'!!!!
It's now NOVEMBER 8th! Take some time off for Pinky's birthday??

2:41 PM

Blogger yo_mama said...

So how di the special guest's picks turn out?

6:48 PM

Blogger adam brown said...

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9:07 AM

Blogger kbg said...

Happy Birthday.

8:06 AM

Blogger kbg said...

Happy birthday 2011. How's 40 feel on that side of the river? 42 feels pretty old here. Miss you

7:39 PM

Blogger kbg said...

4 years tomorrow. We don't forget.

9:07 PM

Blogger kbg said...

Happy 41. Think mom, dad and your family are celebrating today. love you & miss you

6:05 AM

Blogger kbg said...

You turned 5 yesterday. I think everyone shed a few tears down here. Your family hung out with mom & dad. Love you

6:42 PM

Blogger kbg said...

42 today. It was a Memorial Day Monday. Raining here all weekend so got a little stir crazy. Miss you

4:52 PM

Blogger kbg said...

Thought about you a lot yesterday.

8:30 PM

Blogger kbg said...

March 11, 2015
See I let a whole year get by without posting a message.

Still think about you.

7:32 PM

Blogger kbg said...

Happy 44th. Thought about you a lot yesterday.

10:43 AM

Blogger kbg said...

Happy Anniversary. Miss you.

8:42 AM

Blogger kbg said...

That from October 7, 2015

8:42 AM

Blogger kbg said...

Happy birthday just a little late.
Your kiddos seem to be doing well
Miss you

1:47 PM


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