Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Week1 Recap

I managed to break even on my Week 1 picks. You'll note that I broke a cardinal room by taking my favorite college team (Texas Tech) - and made them my sure thing. So for the week, I ended up 3-3 (winners: Philadelphia, Indianapolis, New Mexico St; losers - Denver, Seattle, Texas Tech).

One funny note from Week 1 has to do with Florida St. If you've ever been around an FSU fan (e.g. yo_mama), you certainly know how "great" they are. Well, apparently their AD fell asleep for so long that every other college team was booked for last weekend except FSU. Naturally they needed a game to support their other sports - so the AD took the next best thing to a college team. He scheduled FSU to play some guy named Troy. And boy did that Troy guy put up a good fight. Imagine having to play both ways one against eleven. As you can imagine Troy got tired near the end of the game and FSU was able to score two late TD's to win 24-17. But playing offense and defense all by yourself against a "great" team like FSU and almost winning is incredible. I say the AD deserves a promotion for knowing when to stop - i.e. scheduling a game against Troy instead against Troy and Steve.

Week 2 picks will be posted Thursday or Friday. If you want to try your hand, send me six picks against the spread (you can find them on sites like USA Today).


Blogger yo_mama said...

Don't be bitter because you lose every time you bet agtainst FSU. A "W" is a "W."
Is Miami a "great" team?

3:57 PM


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