Friday, September 29, 2006

SixBits Six Picks - WEEK 4

On to week 4 and better things. I am feeling very confident. This promises to be a very good week so let's get right to it.

Dallas at Tennessee (+9.5)
I know the Cowboys have been enitrely focused on football for the past two weeks. That coupled with Tennessee's mediocre team can only spell one thing: Cowboys dominate, cover the spread, and are this week's SURETHING. You can always take my SURETHING to the bank!

New England at Cincinnati (-6)
New England is getting too much respect based on past success. This team looks a little lost. Unfortunately for them, the Bengals are quite good. I don't see any way the Bengals don't cover this one.

Texas Tech at texas a&m (-2)
I can't pass this one up even if it goes against the mantra of not picking games with your alma mater. The last two games in College Station have gone to OT. I don't think anyone knows how good or bad these teams are. a&m has been playing a 'guarantee a bowl game' non-conference schedule. Tech scored 3 points against TCU. I can't pick against my Red Raiders. I am taking them based on the fact they now have Jarret Hicks back in the lineup.

California at Oregon St (9.5)
Cal is still trying to regain faith from the public based on losing their first game to Tennessee. They have gotten the ship righted since then. They cover the spread on this one and go back to Berkeley with a W.

Oregon at Arizona St. (1.5)
I came into this one picking Oregon. Just now I changed my mind and am going with ASU. Don't ask why but I just feel it. Never question my picks, just use them to get rich.

Kansas St at Baylor (-1.5)
This line baffles me. The oddsmakers must know something that I don't know because I would figure KSt to be a huge favorite. The oddsmakers probably just screwed this one up. Take KSt while you still can. Hurry before they realize their mistake. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry.


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