Friday, September 15, 2006

SixBits Six Picks - WEEK 2

Last week was just a warm-up week and I still was .500. I am fully expecting a strong week. You can take these to the bank.

BYU at Boston College (-7)
BC has been impressive early in the season. I have no idea how well BYU has done. That does not matter, however, since it is always fun to go against BYU. I am taking BC.

Michigan at Notre Dame (-6)
Does anyone else feel sorry for Brady Quinn of Notre Dame? I bet that guy couldn't buy a date. I love it when ND loses - but Michigan isn't the Michigan of old. This is my SixBit SURE THING. Take ND.

ASU at Colorado (+11)
Apparently Colorado forgot that football was major D1 sport since they have been excruciantingly bad. They even made New Mexico's loss to Div I-AA Portland State look good. I am taking ASU in this one.

Nebraska at USC (-18)
Rarely should you ever bet on a team to win by more than 18 points, but this is a good exception. Nebraska has forgotten what the elite teams in college football are really like. That tends to happen when you have a few horrendous seasons and then win a few games. My belief is that the Nebraska players will be shellshocked at what they are missing by living in Nebraska after seeing LA and wont be able to focus.

Arizona at Seattle (-7)
Arizona has been the hot pick for up and coming team. Last week Alex Smith looked good against their defense. The Seahawks roll to an easy victory and cover.

StLouis at SF (+3)
Again SF looked much better than they probably are. But the same goes for the Rams. I came into this column leaning towards StL but not am going with SF and the red hot Alex Smith who was so impressive against a tough Arizona D last week. Go Frank Gore and Vernon Davis. SF is the upset special!


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