Sunday, August 27, 2006

SixBit's Six Picks - New Weekly Feature

A few people have lamented about me taking the summer off from blogging. I had a busy summer of training and "racing". I don't really "race" since I don't have any chance of winning any of the major events like the Buffalo Springs Half-Ironman. But I usually end up racing against a time goal I have set for myself.

So anyway I am now semi-retired and getting fat on the couch. All that is good news for you since I will be starting a weekly column titled SixBit's Six Picks. For this column, I will be picking at least six games (from college and the NFL) against the spread. I would also like to have a guest pick games for the same week. We'll go head-to-head and if you win, I'll send you a prize. So if you would like to be a guest prognosticator one of the weeks, let me know. The first set of games will be the weekend of Sept. 9th.

Disclaimer: These selections will be for fun only - Any irresponsible use of your hard earned money is your problem.