Sunday, April 23, 2006

Mission Accomplished

Yesterday, I took part in my first (and probably last) marathon. I finished in about 3:54:00 which was right about what I was hoping for. I knew that if I didn't make it under 4hrs that I would feel the need to do another one. I don't in any sense consider myself a runner so this was a major accomplishment. Even more so, considering my condition in early January. Many of you already know how I was out early on a Saturday morning riding my bike when I tried to help the police run down some thug who had commited a couple of felonies. To make a long story short, I ended up need staples in two spots in my lower right leg that kept me from training for a few weeks.

Some observations from Saturday's run:
* The first few miles were great as we were heading down to the river and there were hot air balloons overhead.
* It was nice to have an event where I got to stick to my plan (ie ~9min miles throughout)
* 2.5mi between aid stations is way too much over the last 10 miles; especially when they run out of cups
* I can't remember my stomach feeling worse than when I headed up Central at mile 25 and had to run past big trucks that had been sitting there in the lane over spewing exhaust; and then going past McDonalds. That coupled with slight dehydration almost did me in
* I've had plenty of "runners" tell me a marathon is harder than a Half-Ironman. My opinion is that it certainly isn't. I felt much better at mile 13.1 in the marathon than I ever have at the start of the run on a HIM. Plus, doing a HIM requires competence and training dedication in 3 different event.

Special thanks go out to Matt for keeping on top of me and making me do this; Summer for allowing me to hang out with her at the back of the pack at the start keeping me from going out to fast; my family for their support in all areas ( too many to account for here).

Sunday, April 16, 2006

G, Where art thou?

T-Ball has been a little disappointing since I last wrote. G has only been at one of the three or four games since then. Unfortunately, I was not in a good position to hear much of his conversation. He did pull one classic play that will live in my memory for a long time. G was playing in right field and another boy was in left field. Most of the kids can't hit very far so they weren't playing very deep. A ball was hit to the left fielder and he chased it down. Just as he was getting ready to throw it in, he was blindsided. G had gotten a head of steam going and just waylaid the kid. I am not sure he was even trying to get the ball. This hit rivaled anything you might see on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon watching football. It was the first time I've ever seen a coach eject his own team member to the dugout in the middle of an inning.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

T-Ball Comedy

As most of you know, Boo is playing T-Ball this spring. He expressed an interest in playing this winter so we jumped on it. You can understand why we were all for him playing if you have ever seen him play soccer. He can be quite entertaining.

This, however, is not a blog about Boo. Alas, it is a blog about a boy on his team named Georgie. Now I could describe Georgie's appearance to you, but you probably already have an accurate vision of him in your minds. I spent Monday night hanging out with Georgie's dad while watching the game. He is an extremely nice guy and a good, supportive parent. By standing next to Georgie's dad on Monday, I got a front row seat to the comedy that is Georgie. I'll try to keep it brief but a summary of his comedy is detailed below.

* In the bottom of the 2nd inning, G was the catcher. The catcher gear essentially swallows up most of the kids. G walked past us on the way to homeplate and told his dad, "Dad, the coach just told me to put all this gear and and they threw it all on me - but don't worry I still have my uniform on underneath it all."

* The catcher is supposed to hand the ball to the opposing coach to put on the tee for his batter. There was a delay between the 1st and 2nd batters. I was trying to figure out what was going on as one of our coaches was called out to homeplate. Turns out G wanted to know from our coach whether the other coach was a "stranger" because the "stranger" was asking for the ball and G's parents had taught him not to talk to strangers.

* While running between any base, G always throws his helmet off. He did this on the way to 1st base right in front of dad and me. His dad told G to leave the helmet on. G replied, "Dad it just keeps flying off."

* While playing catcher, G had to be told a number of times not to yell "Swing batter swing!".

* After scoring a run, the player is supposed to pick up the bat and return it to the dugout. G picked up the bat, got halfway there, and dropped both his helmet and the bat and kept going. Dad said G was treating it just like home. I decided it was a habit when I saw he had left his cap and glove on the field later when coming in to bat.

* Later G sat on every base while his team was batting then would get up and try to kick up as much dust as possible.

* In the last inning, G was up to his old smack talk telling the batters to "swing already" while playing the pitcher position. He then proceeded to sit on the ground and when the coaches told him to stand up and get ready he said "ah he'll hit it on the ground"

Next game is Saturday morning at 7:30AM. I'll update with anything good. By the way, Boo had three nice hits and three very good fielding plays. Now to work on his throwing.