Friday, October 06, 2006

SixBits Six Picks - WEEK 5 PLUS Special Guest Picks

The pressure has been ratcheted up this week. This week we have our first person with the guts enough to be a guest picker. As I stated before, any Guest picker beating me will win a prize. Pinky is the first to step up - I guess she has a lot of time these days while she is hanging out on the couch. Or she thinks the prize is a new kitchen.

So without further ado, here are the picks!

SixBits Six Picks
texas a&m @ Kansas (1.5): For Dan Wachdorf and my a&m buddies at work (who brought me donuts last week), I will go with a&m.

Baylor @ Colorado (-5): You'd think that Colorado would have to win a game before being the favorite. Baylor is the choice.

LSU @ Florida (-1): Haven't seen either play but I sense Florida is overrated. LSU is the pick.

Oregon @ California (-5): California has been hot, hot, hot. Oregon has been hot, hot, lucky, hot. I'll take Cal at home.

Miami @ NewEngland (-9.5): NE stepped up big last week. I think this week they are on the down portion of their roller coaster. I'll take Miami.

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans (-6.5): I think NO will win big. TB has a rookie QB and all sorts of line problems. NO is the choice and this week's SixBit SURETHING.

Pinkys Picks
Dallas @ Philadelphia (-2): DALLAS
Baltimore @ Denver (-4): DENVER
Missouri @ Texas Tech (-5): TEXAS TECH
Tennesse @ Indianapolis (-18.5): INDIANAPOLIS
Washington @ NY Giants (-4.5): NY GIANTS
Michigan St. @ Michigan (-15): MICHIGAN

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Week4 Recap

Once again, I hit 3-3. Not exactly going to get myself a Cervelo P3 Carbon that way. I may have to be more aggressive with the picks this week.

To recap,
I won with Dallas, TEXAS TECH, and California. I lost with ASU (shouldn't have changed my mind), Cincinnati, and Kansas State. A major development for the week, however, was winning my SURETHING (Dallas).

So for the week: 3-3 overall; 1-0 SURETHING
And for the Season: 14-10 overall; 1-3 SURETHING

Be ready to experience big things in Week 5.

Friday, September 29, 2006

SixBits Six Picks - WEEK 4

On to week 4 and better things. I am feeling very confident. This promises to be a very good week so let's get right to it.

Dallas at Tennessee (+9.5)
I know the Cowboys have been enitrely focused on football for the past two weeks. That coupled with Tennessee's mediocre team can only spell one thing: Cowboys dominate, cover the spread, and are this week's SURETHING. You can always take my SURETHING to the bank!

New England at Cincinnati (-6)
New England is getting too much respect based on past success. This team looks a little lost. Unfortunately for them, the Bengals are quite good. I don't see any way the Bengals don't cover this one.

Texas Tech at texas a&m (-2)
I can't pass this one up even if it goes against the mantra of not picking games with your alma mater. The last two games in College Station have gone to OT. I don't think anyone knows how good or bad these teams are. a&m has been playing a 'guarantee a bowl game' non-conference schedule. Tech scored 3 points against TCU. I can't pick against my Red Raiders. I am taking them based on the fact they now have Jarret Hicks back in the lineup.

California at Oregon St (9.5)
Cal is still trying to regain faith from the public based on losing their first game to Tennessee. They have gotten the ship righted since then. They cover the spread on this one and go back to Berkeley with a W.

Oregon at Arizona St. (1.5)
I came into this one picking Oregon. Just now I changed my mind and am going with ASU. Don't ask why but I just feel it. Never question my picks, just use them to get rich.

Kansas St at Baylor (-1.5)
This line baffles me. The oddsmakers must know something that I don't know because I would figure KSt to be a huge favorite. The oddsmakers probably just screwed this one up. Take KSt while you still can. Hurry before they realize their mistake. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry.

Week3 Recap

Went 3-3 in Week 3. Not bad if you can mix those weeks in with weeks like I had in Weed 2.

To recap,
I won with Louisville, Washington, and Cincinnati but lost with Minnesota, ND, and Purdue. As you will surely note, I once again lost my SixBit SURETHING.

So for the week: 3-3 overall; 0-1 SURETHING
And for the Season: 11-7 overall; 0-3 SURETHING

On to Week4 and better things.

Friday, September 22, 2006

SixBits Six Picks - WEEK 3

After last week's performance, I have set the bar pretty high. But as I said after Week 1, I was just getting warmed up. So let's get into this week's picks.

Louisville at Kansas St (+14)
Let's be honest. No team from Kentucky or Kansas should be very good at football. Those are basketball states. Louisville, however, has managed to put quite a squad together. I don't like Big 12 foe Kansas St so I am going with Louisville.

Minnesota at Purdue (+3)
Purdue may be 3-0 but it is a pretty lame 3-0. Sort of like texas a&m's. Play somebody before declaring yourself good. This is my SixBit SURE THING. Minnesota easily covers the spread.

UTEP at New Mexico (+9.5)
UTEP has Carson Palmer's little brother. That is good enough for me. Coupled with the fact that UNM has no running game and a backup QB, I am definitely taking UTEP.

Notre Dame at Michigan State (+3)
ND let me down last week. And I don't like ND. And MSU pummeled ND last year. Of course, all of this means that I am going with ... ND! They will be looking to right the ship after last week.

Washington at Houston (+4)
I wonder if Houston still is happy with their non-selection of Reggie Bush. I haven't seen much improvement in their Defense. This is a no-brainer - Washington covers the spread.

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh (-2)
This is one of the huge games of the NFL weekend. I got to see an awful lot of Pittsburgh on Monday night while at the hospital and can't say I was impressed. It is going to take a few more weeks for Big Ben to get back in sync. I like the Bengals in this one.

Strangely enough, I ended up with picks for 6 road teams. We'll see how that works out; if I think about it too long, it will make me uneasy.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Week2 Recap

SixBit posted an impressive 5-1 record for the week. I won with BC (7 point winner over BYU), ASU (18 point winner over Colorado), USC (18 point winner over Nebraska), Seattle (11 point winner over Arizona) and SF (who actually won even though they weren't favored). I lost my SURETHING when Michigan hammered ND.

So for the week, I was 5-1 and lost my SixBit SURETHING.

On the year: 8-4 (overall against the spread); 0-2 (SURETHING).

Stay tuned for this week's picks on Friday.

Friday, September 15, 2006

SixBits Six Picks - WEEK 2

Last week was just a warm-up week and I still was .500. I am fully expecting a strong week. You can take these to the bank.

BYU at Boston College (-7)
BC has been impressive early in the season. I have no idea how well BYU has done. That does not matter, however, since it is always fun to go against BYU. I am taking BC.

Michigan at Notre Dame (-6)
Does anyone else feel sorry for Brady Quinn of Notre Dame? I bet that guy couldn't buy a date. I love it when ND loses - but Michigan isn't the Michigan of old. This is my SixBit SURE THING. Take ND.

ASU at Colorado (+11)
Apparently Colorado forgot that football was major D1 sport since they have been excruciantingly bad. They even made New Mexico's loss to Div I-AA Portland State look good. I am taking ASU in this one.

Nebraska at USC (-18)
Rarely should you ever bet on a team to win by more than 18 points, but this is a good exception. Nebraska has forgotten what the elite teams in college football are really like. That tends to happen when you have a few horrendous seasons and then win a few games. My belief is that the Nebraska players will be shellshocked at what they are missing by living in Nebraska after seeing LA and wont be able to focus.

Arizona at Seattle (-7)
Arizona has been the hot pick for up and coming team. Last week Alex Smith looked good against their defense. The Seahawks roll to an easy victory and cover.

StLouis at SF (+3)
Again SF looked much better than they probably are. But the same goes for the Rams. I came into this column leaning towards StL but not am going with SF and the red hot Alex Smith who was so impressive against a tough Arizona D last week. Go Frank Gore and Vernon Davis. SF is the upset special!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Week1 Recap

I managed to break even on my Week 1 picks. You'll note that I broke a cardinal room by taking my favorite college team (Texas Tech) - and made them my sure thing. So for the week, I ended up 3-3 (winners: Philadelphia, Indianapolis, New Mexico St; losers - Denver, Seattle, Texas Tech).

One funny note from Week 1 has to do with Florida St. If you've ever been around an FSU fan (e.g. yo_mama), you certainly know how "great" they are. Well, apparently their AD fell asleep for so long that every other college team was booked for last weekend except FSU. Naturally they needed a game to support their other sports - so the AD took the next best thing to a college team. He scheduled FSU to play some guy named Troy. And boy did that Troy guy put up a good fight. Imagine having to play both ways one against eleven. As you can imagine Troy got tired near the end of the game and FSU was able to score two late TD's to win 24-17. But playing offense and defense all by yourself against a "great" team like FSU and almost winning is incredible. I say the AD deserves a promotion for knowing when to stop - i.e. scheduling a game against Troy instead against Troy and Steve.

Week 2 picks will be posted Thursday or Friday. If you want to try your hand, send me six picks against the spread (you can find them on sites like USA Today).